Living Legends now in print!

After a few days as a digital exclusive title, Metahuman Press is proud to announce that Living Legends Book I: Old Soldiers is now available for purchase from our Createspace store! This 200+ page tale re-introduces over a dozen classic comic book mystery men, some for the first time in 60 years.

Behind a gorgeous cover by the talented Kent Archer, Living Legends  will chronicle the adventures of these men and women lost in time as they make their way through through a new century marked with new problems and new enemies.

The print edition is priced at $12.00, but fans of Metahuman Press on Facebook might just be able to find a special discount on the book!

An Amazon print edition will also be on the way later this week in edition to our e-book editions from KindleNookSmashwords and DriveThruFiction (PDF).

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