Pulp Ark nominees are now on sale!

Pulp Empire has two titles currently nominated for Pulp Ark awards this year and we want to celebrate by making those titles even easier to purchase!

Fans can now head over to our Createspace links and pick up both titles at a limited discounted rate with special discount code 62QUSQGC. Entering that code will give you a $3.50 discount on each of these great titles.

Here’s a look at our nominees.

Teel James Glenn's cover for Doc Claus is Pulk Ark nominated!

Buy Doc Claus at Createspace here.


Terry Alexander's "E-31" is Modern Pulp Heroes cover story & a nominee for Best Short Story!

Buy Modern Pulp Heroes featuring “E-31” here.

These discount codes will expire after February 28, so waste no time in picking up these titles! And as always, both books are available in low-priced ebook editions for only $2.99!

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