Modern Gods II brings more mythological adventure to the 21st century!


Metahuman Press is proud to announce the release of Modern Gods II, the second book in the publisher’s series bringing mythological figures into the present day. The new release features four all new stories, all by regular contributors to Metahuman Press anthologies. Writer/editor Nicholas Ahlhelm (Lightweight, Horror Heroes) is joined by Teel James Glenn (Manchurian […]

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Modern Gods II is on the way!


Before the month of March comes to a close, Metahuman Press fans can expect to see the return of Modern Gods with an exciting Volume II! The new volume features all new stories by Lance Stahlberg, Nicholas Ahlhelm, Teel James Glenn and Travis Hiltz! It all comes wrapped in an amazing cover also by Teel […]

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Ring in Valentine’s Day with the Holiday Patrol!


Starting today and running through February 18, Metahuman Press is proud to offer the Kindle Editon Doc Claus for only ninety-nine cents! Doc Claus tells the adventures of the strapping Man of Presents and his team of allies and adventurers, including the Missus and a certain Valentine’s Day cherub. Cupid isn’t the most chipper fellow […]

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It’s time to ride into the Supernatural West!

For months Metahuman Press fans have waited for our next book and it arrives just in time for Halloween! Supernatural West features six new tales of horror and adventure in a twisted vision of the Wild West. Hunter Lambright, Lance Stahlberg, Shane Cashman, Teel James Glenn, Terry Alexander and Viktor Kowalski bring all the pulp […]

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Pirates & Swashbucklers on sale!


This was meant to go up yesterday but somehow got derailed by some bad scheduling! The sale continues abreast however! Metahuman Press is proud to announce a special sale for Talk Like A Pirate Day AND International Book Week. From now until next Wednesday, September 25, all Kindle editions of both volumes of┬áPirates & Swashbucklers […]

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Metahuman Press announces a new special project, The American Soldier

44-year old C-130 flies final combat mission, ends service

Today, Metahuman Press is proud to announce that we are now accepting submissions for The American Soldier, a new anthology title focused on tales of United States military men and women. The goal of this project is to present a positive image of the modern American military through great action and adventure writing. With this […]

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Are you ready to join the World Explorers Club?


The World Explorers Club is a new series conceptualized by writer David Boop that will tell high adventure tales focused around a loosely knit club for adventurers, explorers and discoverers of the unknown. The Club is not a physical location or a formal organization but instead a loose alliance of like-minded figures. This will allow […]

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The outlaws ride again!


21st Century Outlaws takes the Old West concept of the American outlaw hero and updates him for the modern era. The goal here is to create an anthology of adventure stories focused on modern characters that embody that outlaw spirit while still working as compelling heroes. Bikers, vigilantes and rogue cops are what we want […]

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The Werewolves of the West are coming!


All this week, Metahuman Press announces five new titles, one each day, now accepting submissions! The Old West was a crazy place, but now it just gets crazier. Werewolves of the West will feature tales of werewolf heroes and villians in new pulp tales. The only requirement of the tales are a traditional Old West […]

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Rangers of Freedom anthology now open for submissions!

This week we announce five new anthologies, one each day, all looking for new stories from authors both new and old! Ranger Girl takes over the pages of Walking Shadows for the next three weeks in a story that will show ties to the future of Walking Shadows when it returns for Book Two. But […]

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