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ISSUE 1: A New Beginning
ISSUE 2: The Citadel
ISSUE 3: Incorporation
ISSUE 4: Mangled
ISSUE 5: Taking It to the Streets
ISSUE 6: Rancor & Rancor
ISSUE 7: Legacy
ISSUE 8: Leads
ISSUE 9: Brazil
by Nicholas Ahlhelm

The city of New Salem never was a happy town. But the “World’s Tallest City” now seathes with unholy power as forces both mundane and preternatural threaten its citizens. The city needs a champion, a defender from the things that go bump in the night.

He was born Robert Benton. In 1939, he donned his trademark black costume and its skull and chessbones crest. He fought crime for decades. They called him Black Terror, Terror, or Black Fury, but his name is... Vengeance.

His past is a complete mystery to everyone, even himself, as he fights to regain decades of lost memories. He fights to figure out what makes a hundred year old man look like a man a quarter of that age. He fights to solve the riddle that is his very existence.

Vengeance has returned to New Salem at last. But is it already too late for our hero and his city?

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