Experience the lives of Teenage Metahumans!

Metahuman Press celebrates the history of the teenage hero with a new anthology dedicated to the adventures of such young men and women. Six authors introduce their own characters that may very well be the new teen heroes of the 21st century. Enjoy new tales from Caine Dorr, David Perlmutter, Nicholas Ahlhelm, Travis Hiltz & Wayne Ligon!

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Ride into the Supernatural West!

Supernatural West, the new Metahuman Press anthology of horror in the Old West, is now available! Hunter Lambright, Lance Stahlberg, Shane Cashman, Teel James Glenn, Terry Alexander and Viktor Kowalski bring you wild western action as only Metahuman Press can provide! Check it out today!

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Lightweight flies into action!

Nicholas Ahlhelm’s new monthly serialized super powered series Lightweight is now available for your reading pleasure! Experience the adventures of Kevin Mathis, a teenage that suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of a superhero! Great new fiction every month from Metahuman Press!

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We need your submissions!

Rangers of Freedom!
21st Century Outlaws!
American Soldier!
World Explorers Club!
These and a dozen other great anthologies seek your stories! If you have a story idea that might fit one of our great anthologies check out our submissions page for more details!