Metahuman Press does not accept novel submissions. We publish only a select few novels every year, usually by hand-picked writers from our roster of talents. We do however publish many anthologies with multiple themes all of which can be found on our Open Anthologies page. Below you will find information on how to submit to us.

Metahuman Press rarely wants to see full stories right away. We would instead prefer to see proposals summarizing a story for a specific anthology theme. Should that proposal be approved, we will then include the completed tale in an upcoming volume of said anthology after the editing process is complete.

  • Please keep all proposals to no more than 1-2 pages of text. Please include the author’s name and preferred e-mail address if the proposal is presented as a document.
  • If you have never written for us in the past, please include a short work of a similar scope as the proposed story. We would prefer a sample of published work, but an unpublished work is also acceptable here, as we wish only to establish proposal writers can also write fiction.
  • Include a short bio of yourself, including previously published works.
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as we are made aware they are simultaneous at the time of arrival.
  • Submissions should be sent in either .docx or .rtf format.
  • We do not accept paper submissions. E-mail all submissions to submissions {at} metahumanpress {dot} com.

A few suggestions to guarantee as professional a manuscript as possible comes in to our hands:

  • Read it before sending. Make sure that everything reads the way it should read. Maybe let a friend (or two or three) read it too and give it an honest critique. It’s the best way to discover plots holes and grammatical inconsistencies.
  • Please don’t barrage us with e-mails if we don’t respond for a few weeks. It might take us several days to get to your proposals. We will send an e-mail in return whether your story is accepted or not.
  • Make sure to keep story back-ups!
  • The manuscript should have the following formatting: 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial only. Single-spaced, no drop caps or heavy formatting. It’s 2013: use italics for italics, bold for bold and very little underlining.

At this time, Metahuman Press does not offer any advance for novels submitted. However, we do offer a generous percentage of sales to our published writers that will continue in perpetuity.

Metahuman Press will consider single author short story collections that are connected by a common theme and meet the target word length. We do not accept single stories outside of our announced anthologies. See the Open Anthologies page for details on what anthologies are available.

Metahuman Press takes first worldwide ebook and print sales rights for any fiction acquired. While we maintain the right to keep your work in print, your work remains your own and can be reprinted and licensed as you see fit. Payments are based on a royalty rate, generally 60% of profits earned after cost divided between the authors.

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