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Metahuman Press and Pulp Empire are proud to announce a new series of ongoing anthology titles. These series will continue volume to volume as stories come in. As soon as we receive enough stories for one volume, production will be underway for that book.

We will accept proposal outlines (from 2 to 4 paragraphs) for any of these books at any time. If you have never written for Metahuman Press or Pulp Empire, please also include a sample of your writing. Once an outline is accepted, we recommend a deadline of the fifth full month after acceptance. Please include the name of the anthology in the subject line of your e-mail. New anthology volumes are generally produced on a first received/first published basis, but a few exceptions exist to that rule, generally based around an author with interconnected tales.

Aliens Among Us tells tales of alien encounters on a modern or past Earth, always in a near-real world setting. (Any alternate realities should be in mid-creation due to the events of the story, not already set up.) No tales set in the future or off Earth. Stories should focus on strong interaction between a human and an alien character, and will preferably (but not always be) non-antagonistic for at least some of the extraterrestrial characters. A 10,000 word anthology. Volume Two is current full, but Volume Three is in the works.

The Barbarian Coast features a shared sword and sorcery world. This book will feature stories in the tradition of Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, etc. In that tradition, magic should be treated as something rare and dangerous. Before submitting proposals, authors should request the series overview. We seek 10,000 word stories for this anthology.

Cosmic! is a super-powered fiction anthology. This book will tell tales of solo heroes or teams of superhumans as they travel the spaceways or fight threats that could alter the course of the very universe! This is also a 15,000 word anthology.

Doc Claus is our annual Christmas anthology. It features stories of a classic adventure hero (who just happens to also be Saint Nicholas) and his team, the Holiday Patrol. Authors interested in contributing should request the overview document before doing so. This is a 10,000 word anthology planned to publish ever other year.

Heroes of the Night is a super-powered fiction anthology that features tales of dark avengers active at the night. Power levels can range from unpowered up, but the heroes should be a street level vigilante of some kind. This is a 15,000 word anthology.

Modern Gods features tales of the ancient gods of mythology active in the modern day. Stories should all feature either a god as a protagonist or major supporting cast member. While using a god as villain is fine, all stories should feature at least one god in a positive role. This is a 10,000 word anthology.

Modern Pulp Heroes tells tales of new pulp heroes set in a modern day setting. While we will take tales that run the gamut of what heroism means, stories should always feature a lot of action and adventure and must be set now. This is also a 10,000 word anthology. Volume One is full and ready for publication. All current submissions would be for volume 2.

Pulp Team-Up features tales of classic public domain pulp heroes as they team together for adventures. Stories should have a classic 30s setting. Writers may use one original pulp hero, but at least one character should be a classic public domain hero. Stories should be approximately 15,000 words.

Rangers of Freedom re-imagines a classic public domain superhero team for the twenty-first century with four tales featuring fully fleshed out takes on the original characters. Each story will focus on a different character in the anthology. For more details on the book, see the full description. A 15,000 word anthology.

Star Pulp tells tales of adventure heroes in an outerspace setting. We’re not looking for hard sci-fi. We want big, blow-up action pieces with a solid space opera feel. The setting should be futuristic or an alternate but familiar world with futuristic technology. Think space serial heroes like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. A 10,000 word anthology.

21st Century Outlaws focuses on modern heroes that operate on the edge of the law or on the wrong side of the law. The goal here is to create an anthology of adventure stories focused on modern characters that embody that outlaw spirit while still working as compelling heroes. Bikers, vigilantes and rogue cops are what we want to see. This is a 10,000 word anthology.

Werewolves of the West is self-explanatory. We seek out stories of the Old West starring werewolves either as the main protagonist or antagonist(s). No other were-creatures please.

The World Explorers Club is a new series conceptualized by writer David Boop that will tell high adventure tales focused around a loosely knit club for adventurers, explorers and discoverers of the unknown. The Club is not a physical location or a formal organization but instead a loose alliance of like-minded figures. This will allow all stories to stand on their own as the leads travel to strange locales and exotic locations. This is a 10,000 word anthology.

The anthologies will be released under our profit share system. Anthologies made up of 10,000 word stories will pay each author 10% of profits. Anthologies made up of 15,000 word stories will pay each author 15% of profits.

Proposals and stories should be in a single space format, 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font. Use modern fiction formatting; not manuscript formatting. No heavy formatting, varied fonts and the like.

Proposals and submissions should be e-mailed to

Last updated on June 24, 2013.

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